Services - South East Melbourne Caravan Modifications & Float Repairs
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Insurance Repairs

We work with all insurance companies to get your pride and joy back on the road as fast as possible.  Having insurance repairs done through us couldn’t be simpler.


Caravan Electrics

Solar power, heating, cooling, extra batteries, chargers, lighting, sound systems, inverter, fans are just a few items we can add to your caravan to make your stay a more enjoyable one.

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Caravan Modifications & Repairs

We do all sorts of caravan modifications and repairs, old and new, including smash repairs, replacing windows, adding extra storage or water tanks, changing/adding cabinetry and more!

caravan repairs

Caravan Servicing

We recommend having a pre-trip inspection done before any planned extended trip, along with your regular 12 month service.


Trailer Servicing, Repairs & Modifications

Trailers like anything else need to be maintained to ensure they are safe and reliable when you go to use them, South East Caravan and Float Repairs will work on any problem you may have. 

horse floats

Horse Float Servicing, Repairs & Modifications

Our services include a full under carriage inspection, bearings, lights and brakes check and if required, adjusted, repaired or replaced.

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