Trailer Servicing, Repairs & Modifications - SE Caravan & Float Repairs
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Trailer Servicing, Repairs & Modifications

Trailer Servicing, Repairs & Modifications

South East Caravan & Float Repairs 

Alongside our horse floats and caravans, South East Caravan and Float Repairs work on any type of trailer. Trailers like anything else need to be maintained to ensure they are safe and reliable. Regular servicing is just as important as any caravan or float. We can bring old trailers back to life, customise your existing trailer to suit your needs or even just do a check-up and service to make sure the structural integrity is still in good shape.


Camper trailers are a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the outdoors with the family. We can install heating, cooling, solar power, lighting, water tanks, bike racks or even extend the drawbar to help with towing. We can even add gas bottles and toolboxes and much, much more. If you have an idea contact us and see what we can do! Make your next holiday the most enjoyable one yet!



Steve Taylor

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the guys for fitting my Jayco Outback Expanda in at such late notice. They were incredibly thorough and found faults that could have been detrimental to my family’s safety. I highly recommend these guys and will be returning for regular upkeep and mods. Cheers guys!”

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